Pirate Rob's 2E Rulings

Yarr. Welcome. All issues addressed below are ones where I believe there’s a legitimate lack of clarity in the rules. They are the rulings I use at my PFS tables. See supporting notes below to read about the issues and potentially come to your own conclusions.

  1. Minions get actions when commanded. Slow/Quickened doesn’t matter. (Uncommanded Independent ACs are effected)
  2. Learning Formulas: Once you have a formula you can copy it into your book with 1 hour of work with no cost/check.
  3. Magical Shorthand downtime is performed as though you were earning income (default is level -2, must be completed in 8 day chunks etc) replacing the learn a spell mechanic. Meaning you always successfully learn the spell (even on a crit fail) and there’s no half price for crit-succeeding but you still get the improved earn income for critting. After 8 day blocks or the end of available downtime you can choose to stop and cash out / begin a new project etc.
  4. For Wands/Scroll Crafting there is a singular formula for each level (scroll 1, scroll 2, scroll 3 etc)
  5. Acid Splash deals splash damage as though it were a splash weapon (On anything except a crit-fail the target and all creatures within 5 feet take the splash damage)
  6. Removing any shield takes 1 action.

Extended Thoughts

  1. There’s not a good answer that makes me entirely comfortable. I want to just ignore slow/quickened for Minions but that makes summoned zombies notably above the curve. I’ve recently changed my mind on this and now go with answer #1. https://paizo.com/threads/rzs433w1?Animal-Companions-and-Slowed
  2. Learning Formulas: See https://paizo.com/threads/rzs4332p&page=2?Two-Alchemists-How-to-Trade-Formulas#80. There are 2 distinct readings of this section that are both defensible. I believe the free reading is correct, but agree that it’s ambiguous.
  3. Magical Shorthand: See https://paizo.com/threads/rzs43112&page=2?Magical-Shorthand. There’s no solid logic I can figure out that sorts exactly how this works so I choose one of the simpler possibilities. I don’t feel strongly about the accuracy of this one and as a player I feel the massive ambiguity makes the feat nigh-unpickable.
  4. The scroll item listing at https://2e.aonprd.com/Equipment.aspx?Category=15&Subcategory=52 just has 1 scroll for each level however the further reading section says A scroll can be Crafted to contain nearly any spell, so the types of scrolls available are limited only by the number of spells in the game implying that each spell scroll/level etc is its own formula. I feel pretty strongly it’s 1/level but agree that it’s unclear.
  5. In theory the splash rules only apply to weapons with the splash trait. (https://2e.aonprd.com/Traits.aspx?ID=150) However if we don’t apply that to Acid Splash we have no idea how the splash damage from the spell works (guess it’s just single target?). Better to assume the splash damage follows the splash rules that exist, but not clear) Note that the trait rules give Acid Splash the Splash trait, probably. Also the Secrets of Magic Playtest supports acid splash working this way. (Clearly not a definitive source)
  6. Detach a shield or item strapped to you takes 1 action. Only bucklers use the strapped terminology. So is it A: detach a "shield or item" strapped to you, or B: Detach a "shield" or "item strapped to you.” I think it’s supposed to be any shield but is worded ambiguously.

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