Return to Physical Play

Return to Physical Play statement from Tonya Woldridge, OPF Executive Director:

Here are the OPF's guidelines for physical play under COVID-19 restrictions:

  • Ask the venue or event what their restrictions are for physical play (masks required, distanced tables, etc). Your restrictions may not be more lenient than those of the venue/event (e.g. you may not play without masks at your table if the rest of the venue requires masks) without explicit documented permission from the venue.
  • If the restrictions you want to set are stricter than the venue/event’s default restrictions, the venue/event must agree to your proposal. This agreement should be in writing. They must also agree to back you up should a customer complain (e.g. if you turn someone away because they are not willing to wear a mask, the venue agrees that they will not force you to accept that player until they comply). Organizers are not to become enforcers or put in a position of conflict between attendees and the venue/event.
  • If a venue/event is not willing to accept the restrictions that make your players and organizers comfortable with physical play, you may refuse to run games at that event. Refuse politely and request inclusion in planning for future years if you want to keep the venue/event as a potential location.
  • All restrictions must be clearly communicated ahead of time to attendees via the event listings created by both OPF organizers and venues. All GMs/players must agree to follow the restrictions set in place or be turned away on the day.
  • VOs and GMs are free to cancel a game at any time, including partway through an adventure, if they are uncomfortable with the venue's behavior regarding health and safety restrictions. Players are free to leave a table at any time for the same reasons. In the event a game is ended partway through for these reasons, players can either request chronicles for full credit, or ask that their information not be reported so they can play the scenario in full at another time.
  • If an event is cancelled due to health and safety concerns, please inform the venue of the issues and include your supervising VO in any communications about the issue. Note: Events are defined as those not under the direct control of VO organizers in their capacity as VO. Often, VOs will be part of the event committee, but in a capacity other than as a VO/member of OPF. Event examples are Gen Con, PaizoCon, HMGS MagFest, GenghisCon, SkalCon.

Above all, our goals are to ensure that our organizers, GMs, and players are all comfortable with physical play and to keep organizers from enforcing restrictions that are not supported by the venue/event. If a venue will not put restrictions in place that you’re comfortable with, you are fully empowered to refuse to play there and locate another venue. The most important thing is your safety.

As a reminder, we’ve suspended VO requirements in relation to running events for the remainder of 2021 to help ensure VOs aren’t pressured to return to environments where they are not comfortable.

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