Beginning your Journey

Paizo Organized Play is a roleplaying organization where you can play your character in any game anywhere in the world. Scenarios and quests are designed to bring players together as they explore, investigate mysteries, and fight the forces of evil in a shared setting that responds to their decisions. It's a great way to make new friends!

What Do I Need To Start?

You only need two things, in this order of importance:

  1. A good attitude
  2. An Organized Play membership ID (you can get one at the Paizo site or your GM can help you get one)

That's all you need! You can walk into a game and play a pregenerated character, or build your own and bring all the bells and whistles!

You're ready to find games to play!

What Are These Games?

We play three main games:

  • Pathfinder Second Edition is the newest one and is a high fantasy setting full of swords and sorcery.
  • Starfinder is the science fantasy and space opera side of things.
  • Pathfinder First Edition is the game Paizo published for a decade; it still has a vibrant collective of die-hard players in our area.

We have curated some links below to learn more about each game.

Pathfinder Second Edition
Pathfinder 1e

Other References

Community Guides For In-Person and Online Play
Archives Of Nethys (Online Rules Reference)