Bay Area Pathfinder Society

Seelah and Harsk teaming up against Zombies

Weekly Events

There are many game days held at various game stores and venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. While some locations have been running events for over a decade, others are new and just ramping up. You can show up as a new player at any event! When you arrive, ask to speak to the coordinator who will make sure you're setup and ready for a great time. If you have any questions, please contact us below!

Signing Up with Warhorn

You'll find many events use a site called Warhorn to manage the guest list and keep track of who is running or playing which scenario. Each location controls its own event page on Warhorn, but your one account on Warhorn will be good to register for many events. Click through to the event's schedule where you can see what days/times are available, but we've summarized the most common times below!

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